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GRE (Graduate Record Exam) Preparation

I had big plans to buckle down and start studying for the GRE, and even bought a big, thick Princeton Review book for it, but alas, it just didn’t happen. I did a little bit of vocabulary review on the … Continue reading

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Progress: Several Fronts

Following a flurry of activity earlier this week that actually included picking a date and paying for (did I mention it was $160?!) the GRE, I made application packet progress on several fronts yesterday! 1) I mailed the transcript request … Continue reading

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Reading: Books for Librarians?

Lately I’ve been wondering what books I should read before I start library school, when my pleasure reading will probably grind to a halt! Are there any particular books that, once classes start, I’ll wish I’d read beforehand? Googling the … Continue reading

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It’s a Date! (with the GRE)

Well, I did it! Last night I registered for the GRE. I’ll be taking the Graduate Record Exam on October 18 in Raleigh. I’m a little nervous, but feel good about having a test date that isn’t too far in … Continue reading

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Technology: E-readers

Yesterday I got an email from one of “my” campus circulation desks, saying that a Kindle was waiting for me! I’ve been on the wait list (for the second time) for several weeks, so I was excited to hit the … Continue reading

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Progress: Transcripts

There’s some progress on my application packet! I’ve gotten two transcripts, just two to go! In addition to the official copies for the grad school application, I’m getting an unofficial copy as well, since I have to write my GPAs … Continue reading

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Earlier today, I attended the Alumni Picnic at Duke, something affliated with Freshman Move-in Day, I think. I happened to call my sister to find out where the family was (including Emily, who’s part of the incoming freshman class). She … Continue reading

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