E-Readers, Part II: The Nook

Back in August, I wrote a post here about checking out an Amazon Kindle from the library. Well, around that time, I started studying more heavily for the GRE, so I wasn’t able to finish the book I’d started. I returned it to the library, and got back in the virtual line for another Kindle. Well, a staff member notified me that one of the library’s new Nooks was available, if I wanted to check it out instead. Intrigued by the thought of getting to test drive a new-to-me technology gadget, I said “Yes!” to the Nook. I’ve had it for nearly two weeks now. And I’m still trying to get through the same title. I have to return it by Tuesday. *sigh*

So what gives? Mostly, I think, I continue to be tied up with my GRE studies, which will end (hopefully!) when I take the GRE on 10/18. I’ve also been busier during recent weekday lunch breaks, which is usually a big reading time for me. I must admit, though, that there was a bit of a learning curve to getting going on the Nook, and I haven’t tried out all the features, either. It’s pretty easy to get going turning pages, but is that it? I just haven’t had the patience to explore yet. I often throw gadget directions to the wind in favor of turning them on and figuring them out. I *heart* technology, but I’ve rediscovered that the simplicity of opening a paperback has a certain delight to it after an especially busy day at work. Anyone else feel that way?


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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