Cataloging My Life

God’s Acre, Old Salem

Originally uploaded by dukefan86

Part of my job at the library involves copy cataloging monographs, and it’s a part of my job that I enjoy a lot! Well, in the past week, I’ve resurrected my Flickr account, and I’ve really enjoyed this on several levels. For starters, I’m slowly but surely adding pictures to my Flickr photostream, which means I have a built-in online backup in case of a computer virus or crash. Second of all, the Flickr set-up is providing some structure beyond just naming the image in my “Pictures” folder for me to describe the photographs in title, free text, keyword tags, people, and location. In library lingo, this is also known as metadata.

When I first started working on my photos again last week, I was excited just to be getting them in and typing words here and there. Now I’m working on setting uniform standards for myself and adding as much detail as possible. I may go back and “fix” some of the earlier editing I did, but perhaps I’ll chalk it up to experience and remember that my online photostream is a work in progress!

A work in progress it is, organizing and describing photographs of the past few years of my life. The refresher has been a fun one, and I’m looking forward to what lies ahead with graduate school!

[The photo in this blog post is one of my favorites that I’ve run across. I took it during a trip to Old Salem two summers ago with George. It was a delightful trip! I’d highly recommend visiting Old Salem.]


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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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