The GRE is Over!

I took the GRE this morning, and what a relief it is to have that hurdle behind me! Whew! I ended doing as well as I hear I needed to do, with just a little bit of wiggle room. Not much, but a little. The scores that popped up on the screen:

Math: 460 (previous practice score 410)
Verbal: 610 (previous practice score 530)

I don’t know how that’ll stack up, percentile-wise, but I was hoping to hit at least 1000. There ya go. I’ve heard from one of the interns doing the MLS program I’m applying to that they want at least 1000. 1070 won’t get any scholarships or fellowships, but my employer has a tuition reimbursement program, so I’ll take it.

The testing experience was comfortable enough, and pretty individualized. I got there about 8:10, and went through the process of showing my ID and signing my life away, stashing my stuff in a locker and visiting the ladies room. Once I flashed my ID to someone in the next room, I was assigned a computer terminal with headsets in a cubicle, so distractions were minimal. I read the directions at my own pace, and was ready to roll!

The two essays were first, and I felt like I had plenty of time for those. I used all the time, but felt like I had time to complete my thoughts. It’ll be a little while before I find out the writing portion of my GRE score.

Although I know that 1070 is kinda low, I think it’s high enough to get in, so at this point, it’s over. Part of me would love to shoot for a higher score just to see if I could do it, but another part of me would rather take that $160 registration fee and go shopping with it! 🙂


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