More Application Progress

I’ve made some big strides in the culmination of my application packet this week. I got my last recommendation in hand, and my GRE scores came in the mail from ETS, which lets me know that they’ll be hitting the grad school of my choice soon. Completing the application is all in my hands now! Holy cow!

Yesterday, I called my former apartment complex, and was able to get the move-in and move-out dates for that address. It turns out that there’s a residency form to fill out for in-state tuition purposes, and they want my addresses five years out. George and I have been at out current address for a little over three years.

The rest of the application will take some work too, I think, especially in the wording and presentation of my work experience, which includes two academic libraries and six years of teaching. It’s been enlightening to think about these things as I pull the rest of the application together.

Meanwhile, I’m elbow deep in NaNoWriMo, the Outer Banks Half Marathon is a little over a week away, and more importantly, my dad is in the hospital, so I’m just a bit distracted! That’s life, though, isn’t it?


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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