lesleylooper.com is here!

Well, I finally put a website together using Hostgator’s Sitebuilder software! It was both easy and challenging to do, if that makes any sense! Since I don’t know HTML well enough to complete a website, like, anytime soon, I decided to use the templates on the Sitebuilder software provided. Having some structure made it easier to get something up more quickly thank building it from scratch, but it still took me a while to set up a skeleton site. I’m still feeling a bit clumsy, but I know it will all get more comfortable with website building in time, and will be ready to do more complex tasks eventually!

I’ve also learned a few things about customer service and training, since I’ve logged into Hostgator’s Live Chat system for help with several questions, not just about setting up my first website, but publishing my second and third websites too. The assistance I’ve received has ranged from pretty good to super duper great, and I’ve learned that getting good help in this case depends on good communication plus some trial and error on my part (and conveying well what I tried and the error messages I got).

The website I have up so far are:

lesleylooper.com A no-brainer here, since it’s my name. It has me thinking about “branding” (is that still a buzz word?), or what I want my virtual face to portray. I’ll enjoy working with this one, with plans to add more information and features down the road.

mclamb.com Genealogy is one of my favorite hobbies, and since my maternal grandmother was a McLamb, it’s one of the lines I’ve been researching for a number of years. This website will be a public face of my McLamb research, and hopefully some other McLamb researchers and kin will find it. I don’t have much here yet, but the photo on the home page is of my McLamb grandmother, taken when she was about 20 years old, I think!

lenderman.com The Lenderman name shows up in my family tree a few generations back, starting my great-great-great-grandmother. I haven’t researched this branch of the family tree in a while, but got inspired to work on it again back in October, when George and I spent several days in the most western portion of North Carolina. We had just visited Hiwassee Dam, and George really wanted to drive beyond the dam and explore down that road for a bit. George knows how much I enjoy cemeteries, and he spotted a sign for a cemetery that I missed since I was driving then and watching the road. Since I didn’t think I had any relatives in that area, my cemetery radar wasn’t on, either.  He encouraged me to turn around and go see it, but I said, “No, that’s okay, let’s keep going.” Eventually, we decided to turn around and head back down the road that goes over Hiwassee Dam and back to our vacationing home base of Murphy, and we passed the cemetery sign again, and I missed it again! George kept talking about it like I should really check it out. It was okay, he assured me, if I wanted to turn around and check it out. Finally, I decided to go ahead and turn around to see it, since the cemetery sign impressed him so much! By now, he’d memorized the road enough to tell me when to slow down and turn in. When we finally arrived, I was quite stunned and delightfully surprised to see the sign, which read, “The Lenderman Cemetery.”  We followed a beautiful, forest-lined road down to a quaint little cemetery where I didn’t recognize a single first name, but quite a few Lendermans were buried there. I took several pictures and soaked in the serendipity of it all, still surprised and delighted by George’s insistence that I see this bit of my probable family history, though he had no idea when he saw the sign (twice)! After we returned to the hotel that evening, I plugged a couple of the Lenderman names from the cemetery into rootsweb.com and learned what I suspected, that they were, indeed, cousins of mine! So that’s my motivation for working on the Lendermans again and starting the Lenderman website. The site itself is still pretty bare, but I look forward to adding to it.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of web design and the things I can learn, but now the door is cracked open just a little! 🙂


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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