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A Tale of Two Regional Libraries

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit two regional public libraries in my area, libraries in two different counties, and thus in two different public library systems. Both are very nice facilities, modern-looking with lots of books and displays. … Continue reading

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Skinny Envelope

When I got home from work this evening, there was a skinny, normal-sized envelope from grad school sitting on my laptop, compliments of George. My heart started racing as I sat down and slowly opened the envelope. Would it be … Continue reading

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A Score for Social Networking

A couple of days ago, I got a LinkedIn message from a librarian at work, who was forwarding a hopeful introduction by a graduate student he knows with a college classmate of mine who is a┬áLinkedIn connection too. Within 24 … Continue reading

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Today marks a whole week that I’ve had laryngitis, a secondary infection that’s left over from last week’s flu bug. I’ve been back at work since Monday, and am finding it challenging to not talk, even though I work for … Continue reading

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Librarian by Day

I’ve been home with the flu all this week (other than a few brief hours of denial on Tuesday morning, when I went in to work but should have stayed in bed), and I’ve missed being at work, which is … Continue reading

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What’s On Your To-Do List?

I’ve started using “Remember the Milk” again to help me organize my to-do list better. Before work this morning, I actually made a “Before Grad School” tab for a separate list of things I want to get done before mid-August. … Continue reading

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