A Peak at the Future

Last night, a colleague and I hosted the cataloging class from NCCU’s School of Library and Information Sciences (where I’ve been accepted) in the Cataloging & Metadata Services Department at Duke (where we work). We did this last semester too, but this time it was fun knowing I’ll be starting the same program in the fall! We had fun meeting the students and leading the 2-hour class. Part of it was lecture/presentation and Q&A, and part of it was a tour of the department.

In related news, I’m still waiting for a techie resolution to yesterday’s problems getting logged in to everything. I called the Help Desk back this morning to check on the status of my ticket about the registration software. It took several minutes of waiting on hold to get through, then the person checked on the ticket and said there was a new note on the ticket saying they were waiting for me to be admitted! *sigh* I explained that I’d already been admitted (was it a dream?!), and got put on hold again! The woman came back and said that things hadn’t been completed in the computer from my admitting department, and that someone on the Banner (registration) team would be in touch with them. She recommended I follow up with them at the Help Desk later today, and I plan to do that. One step at a time!


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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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One Response to A Peak at the Future

  1. LibGirl09 says:

    Leslie, something similar happened to me when I was first accepted to grad school. When the registration date came around (a couple of months after my acceptance letter), I still wasn’t “officially” listed as accepted in the computer system. I had to make several calls too. The administration side of things can be a little slow sometimes. Even when things have been confirmed to the student by letter/email, it may take a little longer for staff to enter the info into the computer system or complete all necessary “in-house” paperwork. 🙂

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