20 Percent of Joplin Public Library’s Staff Lose Homes in Tornado

20 Percent of Joplin Public Library’s Staff Lose Homes in Tornado.

It’s been so sad to hear about the devastation in Joplin, Missouri, after the recent tornado tore through the city this past Sunday. After the initial shock of the news coverage and accompanying photos sank in, I did wonder about the local library, but didn’t stop to do some research and find out if the Joplin library was okay. I must admit, I felt a pang of guilt at wondering if the town library was okay, with so many lives and even more homes and buildings destroyed!

Well, I just pulled up the website for LibraryJournal to do a little professional reading, and noticed a story about the Joplin Public Library (link at the top of this post)! I was glad to read that the building is okay and has power. They are open for business with a smaller crew, as staff members with losses. But it sounds like the library is trying to be a resource for patrons needing computer access and power plugs for recharging things. I imagine that having the public library open is bringing at least a small sense of normalcy to the employees and patrons who can get there.

My thoughts continue to be with the people of Joplin, as they try to find loved ones, clean up, and rebuild.


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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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