Current Awareness (CPD23 Thing 4)

The current “thing” on 23 Things for Professional Development is “current awareness,” in the form of Twitter, RSS, and Pushnote.

I’m already a Twitter user, though I must admit to using it sporadically. When I have a question to throw out into the social networking universe, I enjoy seeing the feedback I get via Twitter, especially when I use hashtags. The hashtags turn into keywords, which means that Tweeps beyond my followers may end up responding. The 140 character limit helps me to condense my thoughts and questions into a short blurb, which is probably good for many of us! I’ve attended one local Twitter meetup, called a Tweetup, and had fun! I saw some people I already knew, and met some “new” nice people too! (Check out Triangle Tweetup.)

Speaking of meeting new people, I’ve enjoyed linking up with other librarians and library school students in recent months. The social networking part of it is interesting!

My Twitter ID is @lllooper, by the way!

I don’t do much with RSS yet, except for “following” several blogs on Blogger, which show up in my Google feed. I tend to have my “top” blogs linked or bookmarked somewhere, though, so I don’t read that feed very often. I’ve also subscribed to a few blogs here on WordPress, and I’ve found that getting notifications of new posts via email to be very helpful. Once school starts, keeping up with blogs and feeds will be a time management issue, I bet.

I’d never heard of Pushnote before this morning, so I signed up for it to explore a little bit. None of my Twitter friends are on Pushnote, so I’m not sure how that will work yet. The website also wanted me to check for Facebook friends, but I’m hesitant to let anything else have access to my Facebook profile. Not sure why, it just feels like an extra level of invasion.


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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