Google Calendar (cpd23 Thing 8)

Google Calendar is the next tool to explore on the 23 Things for Professional Development blog. I’m already a big fan of Google Calendar, actually, so I’m glad to see the plug on “23 Things.” I’m revisiting Google Calendar as I write this post to play with the settings a bit and see whether or not I want to tweak anything. I’m already showing the weather on my Google Calendar, which is a nice little feature. Also, my library school utilizes Gmail and the accompanying Google features like the calendar and Google Docs, so I’ve already “shared” those two Google calendars (my grad school email Google Calendar and my regular Gmail account calendar).

Since I put personal things and some work meetings on my Google Calendar, it’s great to be able to pull it up at work or at home and coordinate various meetings, medical appointments and vacations (and school assignments and deadlines very soon!). Now, of course, I can pull up my work calendar at home as well, and my daytime medical appointments go on my work calendar as well. Between the two calendars, I usually stay on top of where I need to be.

I used to use Yahoo Calendar for my online organization, but I have drifted toward Google Calendar, and I think that’s where I’ll stay, especially since I can “share” both grad school and personal calendars. I also like the fact that you can add other things to your Google Calendar. In addition to the weather (prediction for the current day and three days ahead), I’ve also added the college football schedules for Duke (my alma mater and employer) and NC Central University (where I’ll be starting school next month and will have a Saturday class). You can add other sports calendars, as well as holiday schedules for various countries AND religious traditions. You can also coordinate your Remember the Milk account with Google Calendar, but I think that makes the calendar look over-the-top crowded.

 I recently added Google Calendar as an app on my iTouch, but it needs wifi to come up. (One day I hope to have an iPhone!)

So, how do YOU keep appointments, meetings, birthdays, etc. organized?

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