Feeling Very Back-to-School

So, August is here, and I find myself working pretty hard to take care of “stuff” before school starts later this month! I haven’t been in a classroom in a lot of years, but I did “back-to-school” for so many years (between being a student AND being a teacher) that some things are just engrained in me! Last month’s staycation created some time for me to get things done for my car and around the apartment. NOW I’m getting the various doctor’s appointments lined up. I’m having pretty good success getting them scheduled before school begins, but the earliest I can see one doctor is early February 2012! (Seriously?! I’m supposed to call about getting bumped up on the waiting list. *sigh*)

As I soon-to-be student again, I’m feeling very grown-up about taking care of business before school starts. Oh, I forgot, I AM grown-up! (When did that happen?!)


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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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2 Responses to Feeling Very Back-to-School

  1. I know that I am supposed to be doing something to be ready for grad school, but I’m not sure what is, other than filling out forms, getting my student ID, and things of that nature. What supplies do you suggest?

    • Lesley says:

      It depends on whether you prefer taking notes on your laptop, or using pen and paper. People in my classes this past year did a bit of both. Most profs posted the PowerPoints accompanying their class lectures before class, and many of my classmates printed the PowerPoints off for class, with space for note-taking next to each slide.Then they punched holes down the lefthand side and filed them in 3-ring binders.

      Me? I usually took notes on my laptop, using Evernote. I also downloaded the PowerPoint lectures to my laptop.

      That being said, I’ve already made virtual folders for my fall class in both Evernote and DropBox (my cloud storage of choice, but there are others, including iCloud and Google Drive). Saving important notes and papers on the cloud is so important, I think! (Thumb drives can be convenient, as long as I don’t lose them!)

      Whether you take notes on paper or on computer, it’s still great to have a box of your favorite writing utensils handy. Post-it notes rock, too.

      I’m also stocking up on things like toileteries and non-perishables for the pantry and laundry room. In this pre-semester stretch, I’m buying extras of that sort of thing whenever I go to the store. I tend to run out at most inconvenient times!! 😛

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