Prezi (Thing 17, CPD23)

Prezi and Slideshare are the focus of Thing 17 of CPD23. I’ve had a little more exposure to Prezi recently, so, in these busy times, I’ll zoom in on that for this post.

So, what intrigued me about Prezi a few days ago was learning that it offers educators and students more bells and whistles for free, basically the first of their two-tiered fee levels of access. There’s a free-for-all, public level, with 100 MB of storage space. The next level, with 500 MB of storage space, plus the ability of make presentations private and use your own logo instead of Prezi’s, normally costs $59/year after 30 days free. (There’s a Pro level with more storage and a few more bells and whistles for $159/year). To get the educational account for free, I had to submit my school email account, which is now part of my Prezi log-in, and received an email with a link to verify my email address and complete the registration process. I haven’t created anything with it, but am looking forward to it. Someone from our Office of Information Technology will be offering a lunchtime training session on Prezi in November, and I’m looking forward to attending that.

Meanwhile, this CPD23 post includes another interesting blog post about Prezi, Prezi for the Win? Top 10 Ways to Make it a Good One.

As for Slideshare, it looks interesting, but I’m feeling maxed out at creating accounts for more online services. No more new passwords for now! Perhaps I’ll explore it more later.


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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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