Library TeachMeets for MLS Students?

I’ve just learned about Library TeachMeets, a concept that started in Scotland for teachers to come together for a combination social/informal training session, sort of an “unconference” (see the Wikipedia article). The idea was picked up by librarians eager to do the same thing. Here are some Librarian TeachMeet websites from the UK that explain more:

Liverpool Library TeachMeet

Lib TeachMeet Oxford

(lib) TeachMeet Cambridge (which includes a very informative poster in pdf)

London LibTeachMeet

So, what brought this up? I can’t remember what I was searching for online, but this came up on the screen and I was intrigued from the start for several reasons:

1) I went to an afternoon library-related workshop a couple of weeks ago, and got a lot of information in a short amount of time. I met several people, saw some colleagues from work, and felt refreshed from the afternoon of learning more about libraries from others and networking.

2) Several library school classmates and librarian colleagues are at the North Carolina Library Association Biennial Conference this week. I have fond memories of attending this conference in the 1990s, so I’m looking forward to hearing what people take away from this one. The presentation schedule looks great!

3) I’ve been intrigued by some of the technologies that my library school classmates use or know about, and have learned that I use some technologies that are new to some of them. I’ve been thinking about how we could share that information among each other at the library school, so that we could be resources for each other, sharing and learning from one another. I’ve been thinking about how to collect information and come up with some sort of database and/or paper directory, but haven’t gotten to the point of finding the time to work on details.

4) Closer to “home,” I’m part of a newly formed, small study group of classmates at library school. We all have laptops, and we’re using Google Docs for some note sharing. One person is using OneNote for some of her personal note taking, while I’m enjoying Evernote. Both OneNote and Evernote are shareable, but we’re the only ones using our respective virtual notebooks. While I have OneNote on my computer, I’ve been drawn into EverNote, partly on the recommendation of another librarian. But could I be missing something better in OneNote? I’m not finding the free time to explore, but I’d love it if someone using it regularly could give me the “elevator speech” about OneNote, so I could make a slightly more informed decision (and know who to ask if I want to know more). Also, I’m the only one in the study group who uses DropBox, so I don’t have anyone to “play” DropBox with yet. I’m not sure how the others in the study group are taking notes–we had so much to talk about last night that we didn’t get to that!

4) I’ve been thinking about activities that might bring MLS students from NCCU and UNC together, and maybe something like this could be a fun and informative way to come together and share ideas.

5) I’d love to have the opportunity to work on my presentation skills, and I think other fellow students would too!

So, what’s  the next step here? Getting through my first mid-term next week! 🙂 But this idea is simmering in my head, and it makes me smile to think about. I think it could be a lot of fun! So stay tuned!


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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