Reflection (Thing 23, CPD 23)

The final assignment for the CPD 23 blog is to reflect on the past few weeks of professional development assignments and come up with a professional development plan for the future.

I’ve enjoyed working through the 23 things for Continued Professional Development. I learned about several new technological bells and whistles, including Evernote (which I love!), EndNote (which I’ve downloaded and started learning for my paper due next week!) and Prezi (which I’ve signed up for but haven’t used yet). I’ve enjoyed reviewing some familiar things too, like blogs (especially some new-to-me librarian blogs), Twitter, and Google Calendar. In fact, my Google Calendar post for Thing 8 has become my most visited post since starting this blog last year!

I already have several professional development goals at work that will be part of next spring’s performance review. I’m also in library school, of course, so that’ll be some heavy-duty professional development for the next few semesters!

I’d recommend the CPD 23 blog to anyone in the field who’s interested in being exposed to additional technologies. It’s been a relaxed way to learn some new things and review old things in the context of librarianship.


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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One Response to Reflection (Thing 23, CPD 23)

  1. LibGirl09 says:

    That’s so awesome that you were able to finish the whole program! I was sidetracked way back after Thing 7. 😦 Maybe I will pick a few more and still post during my break between fall and spring semesters.

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