Creating an Art Department Library

Several of us from NCCU SLIS met with Dr. Abdellahi and Professor Debela to talk about organizing a departmental library for NCCU’s Art Department. It was an interesting meeting, and I left the hour-long meeting excited about the experience and the possibilities for the library. Our first step will be to do some research about other libraries’ art collections, which will be a lot of fun! Tamara‘s going to set up a Google Group so we can stay organized with our progress and communications about this neat project! Stay tuned!

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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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3 Responses to Creating an Art Department Library

  1. Tamara Rhodes says:

    You linked to my blog! Awesome! Now you’ll have to tell me how you did that. lol I’m still learning.
    I’m especially stoked because I want to start a library from the ground up like this in a Spanish-speaking country one day, so this will be great practice!

    • Lesley says:

      I was wondering if/how you’d notice! 🙂 To link to something, highlight the word or words you want to be linked to a website, then click on the Link icon in the toolbar. (It’s to the right of the “right align” icon.) A box will pop up, and you just copy and paste the URL into the top box. There’s a box below the URL box for a title if you want to give the URL a different title from the words you’re highlighting. (That’s optional, though.) There’s a little check box underneath that, that you can check if you want the URL to open in a new page.

      I’m stoked about the art department library too! I think we have a great group of SLIS students working on it too!

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