Technology on a Grad Student’s Budget

Just a few hours ago, I made a deposit into a credit union savings account I’ve been using to save for the latest iPhone. I have an old Motorola flip phone that’s cracked and on the verge of falling apart. It hasn’t become two pieces instead of one YET, and most days I resist tugging at it like I did with my loose baby teeth as a kid, in hopes of hastening the Tooth Fairy’s visit to my house overnight.

Well, as of today, I have enough for the coveted iPhone 4S, but suddenly, I’m a little hesitant to part with the money! I mean, my banged-up Motorola flip still works, right?

But on the flip side of that, I started pricing the iPhone with double the storage, wondering if I should wait and save for 32GB! Yes, I know, I’m being schizophrenic about this, and it’s “just a phone.”

Since I’ve been home from work, I’ve talked myself down of the 32GB ledge, figuring that any money saved above and beyond the cost of a 16GB (more than enough room!) iPhone can go toward my next technology toy! (Kindle? iPad? Suggestions?)

Meanwhile, I found the article below posted on Facebook when I got home this evening, and it helped me put technology into perspective a little bit. I don’t have to have it all right now, and certainly not before I pay next semester’s tuition bill for library school! Check out the article, or catch the NPR Marketplace Tech podcast episode.

Crap technology, not crappy | Marketplace from American Public Media.


About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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3 Responses to Technology on a Grad Student’s Budget

  1. I love my iPhone. Whenever you decide to make your purchase you will enjoy it.

    • Lesley says:

      I really am looking forward to the iPhone! 🙂 Maybe it’ll be a Christmas present to myself! What’s your favorite thing about it? And which carrier are you with?

      • I’m with AT & T. It makes everything easier and it connects to the Internet faster than my Acer. For example, I do most of my blog posts on my phone using an app. There’s an app for almost everything.

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