Library School + Life Tip #11: See Your Doctor

I know, I know, going to the doctor can be hassle, at the least, and sometimes very expensive! But getting check-ups can help ward off the expensive stuff, and you get to feel smug about doing something good for yourself after the appointment!

Before I started grad school back in August, I decided to call and make all my “annual” appointments, so that I could feel good about getting them out of the way before school started. I was able to see every doctor I needed to see (the dentist plus the girly stuff) but one before the start of school. My plea for a dermatology appointment in August fell on deaf ears (“No emergency? Well…” ) Their first available non-referral appointment? February 2, 2012, today! I finally got the last of my checkups done today, and this dermatology appointment was my least favorite. Oh, the dermatologist was very nice, but she decided to remove a funny-looking mole right in the middle of my back! Sweet. Three new stitches, and an appointment to return in two weeks to have the stitches taken out. I should get the pathology report in about a week.

So, I’m a little grouchy tonight, but, ya know? I’m glad I made (and kept) the appointment. My dad’s youngest brother, Uncle Bill, died of melanoma a couple of years ago, a young 66.

My favorite appointment to keep now is the dentist, believe it or not! Partly, I guess, it’s because I don’t have any dental issues right now, so it’s always a “wellness” appointment with a teeth cleaning (warding off the expensive stuff!). By the way, I love how my teeth feel after they’ve been cleaned! And since a person’s smile is one of the first things you notice about them, I want my teeth to be in good shape. Of course, it helps that my dentist is really nice, too. (If you’re in Durham and need a dentist referral, let me know!)

So, don’t be afraid to go to the doctor while you’re well. In fact, it’s much better that way! In fact, treat your medical visits like you would a research question at the Reference Desk. Do your homework to find the best doctor(s) for you, and check in with him or her on an annual basis, at least. (And if you’re there in the fall, get your flu shot!)



About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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