Working on My Technology Skills

It’s been a busy week for technology in my neck of the woods! On Monday, my library department got new computers (with Windows 7 Enterprise, a new-to-us operating system)! We’ve been pretty busy recreating settings, shortcuts, bookmarks, and things like that. It’s been a combination of frustration and fun! Each day this week has gone a little more smoothly than the one before, technologically, for the group. It seems like we’re hitting our stride again. 🙂

Yesterday, I had my second shadowing shift at the Research Services Desk, and ended up sitting at the Mac station there at the Desk. (There’s a Windows computer on one end of the desk, and a Mac on the other.) I haven’t had much experience on Macs, so I enjoyed working on it, and seeing how various programs run on it. An interesting difference between the two computers at the Research Services Desk is that Aleph, our ILS (integrated library system) does not work on a Mac. That means that only the Windows computer at the Research Services Desk has the Aleph modules on it, but not the Mac. Does every reference question require a closer look in the Cataloging or Acquisitions modules? No, but it actually came in handy once during yesterday’s shift. So, I’m interested to how having a Mac at the Research Services Desk will be helpful (besides my learning how to use it!) this semester.

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2 Responses to Working on My Technology Skills

  1. Mary Lane says:

    It should be able to run on the Mac Does it have a Microsoft suite? In any case, have someone take it to the Genius Bar or if it is not portable. , ask at the Genius Bar in the apple Store. You may still have the ability to phone for help, if so, make acall. They’ll know if assistance is still available….

  2. I love learning about new technology. It’s the part of my job that brings me the biggest smile. Enjoy the Mac and thanks for sharing your experiences .

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