Library School + Life Tip #12: Take Care of Your Car, and It’ll Take You Places

This (Saturday) morning, I decided to stop ignoring my car dashboard’s yellow “MAINT R’QD” light (which had gone from flashing at engine startup to a constant glow), and took my car to a nearby JiffyLube for an oil change and radiator service. I guess the “idiot light” served its purpose and got my car in for service, huh?!

Truth be known, I feel better about my car and my driving safety when my car’s oil gets changed on a regular basis. My 11-year-old Honda Accord has 150,000+ miles on it, and it’s still going strong (thank goodness)! As much as I’d like a newer car, I don’t want a car payment, especially while I’m in grad school!! And I’d much rather buy a new car with cash on MY schedule, and not out of desperation because I haven’t taken care of the car I’ve got!

Before I started library school, I used to take my car to the Honda dealership faithfully, even though it took a little more time. Since last summer, I’ve been taking it to a nearby JiffyLube, where they recognize me now, to save time. The people working there have been helpful and friendly, so I have a good vibe about the place (not true of all JiffyLubes!). While they can’t do all car repairs, they can take care of most of the basics, top of the under-the-hood fluids, and make sure my tires have enough air pressure, little things I don’t have to worry about. Another plus: I’m often in and out of there within 20-30 minutes, even when they perform my car inspection. Saving time is a big, big deal.

When I got back into my car after the oil change this morning, I noticed that they’d also vacuumed out the front driver AND passenger sides, so my car was even looking a little better! From there, I decided to fill up on gas at the tanks at BJs (cheapest gas in my area right now), followed by a drive-through at a nearby car wash. Now I can study for this coming Tuesday’s Cataloging test without having to worry about breaking down (I hope!) or running out of gas!

Since I’m still basking in the shine of a cleaner, serviced car, I decided to throw it out there as a recommendation for you, too!


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One Response to Library School + Life Tip #12: Take Care of Your Car, and It’ll Take You Places

  1. Bert Oser says:

    Oil change is very important in an engine so that you can keep it on its tough shape. Dirt embedded in oil can really ruin the engine performance.

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