Getting Ready for ALA Annual in Anaheim

Information has been rolling in about my first ALA Annual Conference this summer in Ahaheim, California! I’ll be participating in the Student-to-Staff Program, so I’ll be volunteering 16 hours in exchange for having my conference registration and hotel room (with another S2Ser) comped. I’m very excited to be participating in this program!

Just yesterday, I learned that I’ll be volunteering for ALCTS, the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services, during the conference! It was my first choice, so I’m jazzed about that! I’ve worked in Technical Services for most of my library career, so I’m eager to learn more at a new level. Cataloging has changed so much over the years, and will continue to change, especially with RDA starting next year. (And then there’s eBooks! And non-MARC metadata!)

So anyway, I’m excited about my placement, and I’ve met my roommate virtually (on Facebook and by email). She’s from Alabama (small world!) and sounds very nice!

Now I need to book my flight. Wish me luck on that!

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About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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