Time Management in the New Semester

I’ve had a challenging time juggling the demands of work, school, and life this fall semester. Then serendipitously, late last week I noticed the Facebook status update of a librarian at another university than mentioned something called the Pomodoro Technique.  I checked out their website, as well as the Facebook page and Twitter profile. Turns out this is a time management technique based on 25-minute chunks of time! I’m intrigued, I must admit, but I haven’t taken the time to read the book fully yet. You can downlaod the book and worksheets for free at the bottom of this page, or purchase it on Amazon at the current price of $25.60.  (The free download is 45 pages, the Amazon copy, a Lulu-published book is 46 pages, virtually the same. Save the money  & download for free!)

The basic premise of the Pomodoro Technique is to do an assigned task in 25-minute uninterrupted segments. To help me get started (without getting into the details of this technique), I downloaded a Pomodoro Technique timer onto my iPhone. There are several Pomodoro Technique timers on iTunes, but I downloaded this free one, and it suits my needs so far.

I tried a simple version of this technique for my homework this past weekend, and it worked out pretty well. It’s surprising how much journal-article-reading you can get done in 25 minutes! I’ll keep using it this week and see how this time management technique continues to work.

In other news, our ALA Student Chapter meets tomorrow night for the first time, and the NCLA (North Carolina Library Association) is having an event on Thursday. I’m a joiner, so I’m trying to decide how involved to be outside of work and school this year. I need to keep my priorities in order! How much is too much?

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I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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2 Responses to Time Management in the New Semester

  1. Beth says:

    I looked into the Pomodoro technique a while back. What I liked was breaking down tasks in 20 minutes (or whatever increment you choose) and then stepping away. He lost me on all the paperwork. I used a timer on my iPhone, too, rather than buying a special timer.

    I must say I didn’t stick with it too long. I found that it just didn’t work in my office. What has been working, however, were the techniques I learned on Lynda.com (free for us Lesley!). There is a time management session that really clicked. I can try to track it down more specifically when I get to the office. The bit I still struggle with is managing all my email in an efficient way. I tried the same guy’s method (from Lynda) and it really does not work for me.

    I think you have to find the method that resonates, works with your surroundings and work loads, and one you feel you can stick with. It takes a lot of work to be organized.

  2. Lesley says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Beth. I’ve printed off those sheets, but don’t have much interest right now in figuring out what to do with them! 😛 I do like the chunk-of-time factor for studying–longer than 15 minutes but less than 30, with the little breaks. I don’t think this time management system would work for me at work either.

    Thanks for the tip on time management info on lynda.com! The SharePoint videos I’ve watched on lynda.com have been quite good! I’ll definitely plug “time management” into lynda’s search box soon.

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