Where Could She Be?

I got a Facebook message from one of my high school roommates this morning! My initial delight turned into sadness, as she shared that her niece, Emily, who started library school at NCCU with me last fall, is missing! She wanted to verify whether or not the information Emily had given her mother was correct about taking all of her classes online this semester. One of the pluses of our MLS program is that the library science classes are offered online as well as on campus, so it’s totally possible that Emily’s classes are all online this term.

I’ve emailed several classmates who might know something about Emily over the past weeks and months, and have posted the newly created (by her family) Help Us Find Emily page on our ALA Student Chapter Facebook group. The more eyes looking out for her, the better, right?

I only had one class with Emily last fall, but it was where we made the connection that her aunt was one of my high school roommates. It was also a memorable class (Selection and Use with Dr. B., for NCCU SLIS people reading this)! I don’t think I’ve seen her since that class and semester ended, now that I think about it, because we didn’t have any classes together last spring.

She’s the first person I’ve been acquainted with (that I know of) who’s become a “missing person.” The fact that she’s a family member of someone I know, in addition to being a fellow library school student, gives it extra meaning. I hoping and praying that she shows up soon, safe and sound.




About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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