Is the End Really In Sight?!


Class outside, anyone?

Wow. I just registered for my last nine hours of library school. Wow! Now, there’s a big difference between registering for classes and completing the work, and I know that. Still, it’s pretty exciting!

I emailed my adviser over the weekend to get my registration code for summer school and fall semester, and asked her for advice on my last elective. Part of her advice was to check the syllabi folder in the SLIS Library. My response was, “There’s a syllabi folder in the SLIS Library?!” Almost done, and I just found out there’s a folder of previous class syllabi sitting right in our library. Geez. Would it have changed my mind on any of my classes? Maybe, maybe not. But knowledge is power, right? Ah, well, something to pass on to future students.

So, I’m planning to take Research Methods (my last required class) this summer, and am planning on doing a practicum in fall, along with an elective. Right now I’m signed up for “Government Publications.” I’ll take a look at that syllabus when I’m on campus later this week! šŸ™‚


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