I can’t believe it’s been a month since I graduated from library school on December 13! (Photos here.) It’s been a busy month, which included a vacation (photos), getting a new car, and a  trip to Alabama (photos) to visit my parents for Christmas. As much as I enjoyed the process of earning my MLS, I must admit I’m so relieved to be done! It’s really hit home this week, since I’m not attending class and no longer thinking about studying and assignment deadlines.

My “free time” still seems to be plenty busy, but it’s nice to be concentrating on other things. I actually finished a couple of books over the weekend, which was a treat! I’m looking forward to taking better care of myself, which includes more time for exercise and  healthy eating. (One of my goals is to become a better cook!)

Several people have asked if I plan to continue and get a PhD. While I enjoyed grad school, by and large, I’m done. I do plan to continue learning, but at this point, I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned “in the field!” (I’ve already picked up a shift at the Help Desk at the library, shadowing a subject librarian on Thursday afternoons!) Sometimes I wish I’d started grad school earlier so the PhD would’ve made more sense. Truth be told, though, all of my work experience really helped in the classroom. Now I’m ready to forge ahead with other things!

I plan to attend ALA Midwinter in Chicago later this month, ACRL 2015 in Portland, and ALA Annual later this year. If you’ll be at any of these conferences too, let’s do coffee!

About Lesley Looper

I'm a full-time library employee. I enjoy reading, photography, travel, blogging, and geocaching.
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  1. ceebarks says:

    Great graduation pics! Thanks for posting! And congratulations!

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