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Getting Ready for Summer School

I paid for summer school today, the last summer school I’ll have to pay for, which is pretty exciting! The text book I ordered via Amazon earlier this week arrived yesterday, so things are falling into place. Summer Session II … Continue reading

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I’ve Signed Up!

I did it! This afternoon, I registered for the ALA Midwinter Meeting AND Annual Conference for 2014. I’m excited! Since I’m still a library school student, I was able to register at the student rate, and signing up for both … Continue reading

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Back to School

Yay! Classes start back this week! I’m taking “Intro to Digital Libraries” this semester, and my first class will be Thursday night. It’s the first class I’m taking that doesn’t require a textbook, but I’m sure we’ll be busy with … Continue reading

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One More Week of “Summer Vacation”

Fall semester starts a week from today! It’s been a busy summer, that’s for sure! Work, attending the ALA Annual Conference, and taking a summer school course have all contributed to a full summer “break.” I’ve got a couple of … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Summer

Summers used to be so relaxing as a child, and even as a 2nd Grade teacher, summers were a delightful change of pace.  In the past 10+ years of work, though, summers have been a bit busier! Since my work … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Christmas Staycation!

I’m off of work and school until 2012, and it feels great! Now, before you the wrong idea, I really enjoy my job and colleagues a lot, and being in library school is hard work but awesome. I must admit, … Continue reading

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Library School + Life Tip #3: Update Your Resume

Yesterday, I pulled up a copy of my resume on the computer, and realized it was outdated. I had listed a couple of work-related committees that I’m no longer on, so I deleted those. That was a minor change, but … Continue reading

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Promoting Yourself (Thing 21, CPD23)

Thing 21 on the 23 Things for Professional Development blog is all about promoting yourself in job applications and interviews. My first thought, after reading the post, was that I am SO far away from that stage that I don’t … Continue reading

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NCCU SLIS New Student Orientation

On Friday, the 19th, I attended new student orientation from 11 AM to 1 PM at the library school on NCCU’s campus. I didn’t find out about it until Wednesday, two days before, so I’m really glad my boss let me leave … Continue reading

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Mentoring (cpd23 Thing 11)

When I started teaching elementary school in the early 1990s, new public school teachers were assigned a mentor teacher. Cathy B. was a wonderful mentor: experienced, innovative, and good-humored. I continued to consult with her throughout my six years of … Continue reading

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