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Doing Without Technology?

I read an article on Yahoo News a couple of days ago about how Wyoming Catholic College has banned the use of cell phones by students, except in cases of emergency. Access to the internet in dorms there is limited … Continue reading

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UnHushed Conference 2

A couple of weeks ago, three library school classmates and I attended the UnHushed Conference 2 at UNCG in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s just an hour away, so we drove over together on the morning of April 6 to attend … Continue reading

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Online Class

I’m a week away from completing my first grad school online class! I decided to take a summer school class online, because it fit my schedule best, plus I was really curious. NC Central’s School of Library and Information Science … Continue reading

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Five on Friday: Five More iPad/iPhone Apps I Enjoy

1) WordPress: I write this blog using WordPress, so I like being able to check stats and posts on the app. I haven’t written a post using this app, but the capability is there. I look forward to trying that out … Continue reading

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Five on Friday: iPad/iPhone Apps I Like (Part 1)

I’ve had some intense yet fun exposure to Apple products since Christmas, first with a 64GB iPad 2 (data plan added), then with an iPhone 4s, and most recently with a 16GB iPad 2 for work use! Needless to say, I’m on … Continue reading

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Working on My Technology Skills

It’s been a busy week for technology in my neck of the woods! On Monday, my library department got new computers (with Windows 7 Enterprise, a new-to-us operating system)! We’ve been pretty busy recreating settings, shortcuts, bookmarks, and things like … Continue reading

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Library School + Life Tip #9: Keep a To-Do List

Ah, the proverbial to-do list! We all have them, whether short or long, written or in our heads. One of the biggest lessons I learned last semester, when I added grad school to full-time work, was that keeping a written to-do list … Continue reading

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