Research Methods Class

classI’ve completed a week and a half of Research Methods class in Summer Session II, and it’s intense! There are six of us in the on-campus class, and some of the online students join us virtually on occasion. I like the small class, partly because there’s a lot of discussion. One of the interesting things about this class is that is the first time since my first semester that I’m in a class with everyone for the first time. (I knew almost everyone in the class already, it’s just I hadn’t had a class with any of them yet.) Continue reading

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Countdown to ALA

Day after tomorrow, I’m Vegas bound for the American Library Association’s Annual Conference! It’ll be my first trip to Las Vegas, and while I’ll be quite busy with conference stuff most of the time, I’m taking a little time out for some fun local stuff, including an evening tour at the Neon Museum! I’ve heard it’s a great way to learn some local Las Vegas history, as well as a place to get some neat photos.  The Neon Museum gives limited tours during the summer months, because most of the tour is in their outdoor “Neon Boneyard,” and it’s hot, hot, hot in Las Vegas in June.  Stay tuned for photos of the Neon Museum–and the rest of the conference!

Oh, I just looked at the clock! Time to get off the computer and work on getting ready! My suitcases won’t pack themselves, will they?!

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Getting Ready for Summer School

I paid for summer school today, the last summer school I’ll have to pay for, which is pretty classroom_2exciting! The text book I ordered via Amazon earlier this week arrived yesterday, so things are falling into place. Summer Session II doesn’t start until July 1, but I’m heading to ALA Annual the last few days of June, so I’m working hard to get things ready for both summer school and my trip. Thank goodness, my class doesn’t meet for the first time until the day after I get back from Las Vegas, so I’ll be able to get some rest.


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Better Luck Next Time

In the past few days, I learned that our ALA Student Chapter of the Year nomination didn’t make the cut; neither did the Hack Library School ALA Conversation Starter proposal I contributed to.  I learned some things from both, though, and hope to be part of other ALA presentation proposals in the future.

Speaker Camp

Speaker Camp

While gaining experience and talking with others who have done presentations at ALA and other conferences will be the most helpful, I’ve been searching for other resources too. I’ve discovered a book on Amazon (but not in the library *yet*) called Speaker Camp: A Self-paced Workshop for Planning, Pitching, Preparing and Presenting at Conferences, that looks promising, so I’ve added it to my Amazon Wish List. I’ve also renewed my membership to Blue Devil Toastmasters.


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Waiting for News

desk_calendar_3Last month, I applied for a couple of things with library-school related groups, both with “early April” notification. One is being part of a Conversation Starter on library advocacy with the Hack Library School bloggers at the ALA Annual Conference this summer, and the other is the ALA Student Chapter of the Year Award. Good thing I’m busy with full-time work as well as my library school assignments, or the waiting would be driving me bananas!

Working on the Conversation Starter proposal with other HLS bloggers was a creative process that made me glad I’ve gotten to meet such a cool group of library students from across the nation this academic year! I’ve learned so much from them.

The Student Chapter of the Year Award nomination was a culmination of our chapter’s activities and awards for the academic year. It was the first time my library school’s ALA Student Chapter has applied for the award since I’ve been there, and maybe it’s the first time ever. While we’ve done some really good things this year, the completed nomination form made me wish we could’ve done even more. In the big scheme of things, though, it made us look at all we’ve accomplished over two semesters, and hopefully give next year’s officers some ideas.

Stay tuned!

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Is the End Really In Sight?!


Class outside, anyone?

Wow. I just registered for my last nine hours of library school. Wow! Now, there’s a big difference between registering for classes and completing the work, and I know that. Still, it’s pretty exciting!

I emailed my adviser over the weekend to get my registration code for summer school and fall semester, and asked her for advice on my last elective. Part of her advice was to check the syllabi folder in the SLIS Library. My response was, “There’s a syllabi folder in the SLIS Library?!” Almost done, and I just found out there’s a folder of previous class syllabi sitting right in our library. Geez. Would it have changed my mind on any of my classes? Maybe, maybe not. But knowledge is power, right? Ah, well, something to pass on to future students.

So, I’m planning to take Research Methods (my last required class) this summer, and am planning on doing a practicum in fall, along with an elective. Right now I’m signed up for “Government Publications.” I’ll take a look at that syllabus when I’m on campus later this week! :-)


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Attending a “Different” Conference

Last Friday, I attended the North Carolina Serials Conference for the first time. When I told my colleagues about signing up, some were surprised (since I don’t work with serials). But people who’d attended that conference before were supportive and encouraged me to go, and I’m so glad I did! (It helped that the conference was just a one-day event at the Friday Center in nearby Chapel Hill, so it didn’t throw a kink into my work, class schedule or study schedule.)

Even though the name of the conference implies it’s a conference for people who work with serials, I’m so glad I went. One of the sessions I attended about eBooks, where, much to my pleasant surprise, I met a Facebook friend and librarian in person! Even better, she was one of the presenters for the eBook session, and we ended up at the same big table for lunch, where we got to chat some more. The other breakout session I attended was on RDA, and while part of it was about serials cataloging, parts of it were more general, and I took away some ideas that will help me with my own work.

In addition to the interesting sessions, it struck me that there was plenty of time to network and chat with other librarians. Even though I knew a few people there already, it’s always nice to chat with them in a different space about different things, and meeting new people is always a plus!

All in all, it was a great conference, and I look forward to going back next year!


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