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What Makes a Good Study Group?

Some classmates and I have started talking about forming a study group, so I decided to¬†google “What makes a good study group?” There are plenty of webpages and articles about the topic, so it’s been fun to read over them. … Continue reading

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NCSLA’s Library School 2.0 Workshop

Yesterday, I attended a workshop put on by the North Carolina Special Libraries Association, called Library School 2.0. It was a Friday afternoon workshop (which included a box lunch first) on the SAS campus in Cary, North Carolina. I’d never … Continue reading

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Integrating “Things” (Thing 19, CPD23)

How have I integrated the things I’ve explored through the 23 Things for Continued Professional Development blog? It’s been good to glance back over my CPD23 posts and see that I’ve done since it started! I’ve appreciated the direction and … Continue reading

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Prezi (Thing 17, CPD23)

Prezi and Slideshare are the focus of Thing 17 of CPD23. I’ve had a little more exposure to Prezi recently, so, in these busy times, I’ll zoom in on that for this post. So, what intrigued me about Prezi a … Continue reading

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First Parking Ticket

Argh! I got my first parking ticket on campus last night! ūüė¶ I guess I need to either buy a parking pass or find another safe but free place to park. Despite the ticket, I enjoyed last night’s reference class, … Continue reading

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Getting Involved: ALA Student Chapter Meeting #2

I attended my second ALA Student Chapter meeting last night. It was nice to¬†see people outside of class again.¬†There was a bigger crowd, so we met in one of the classrooms instead of the lounge. I mentioned in my last … Continue reading

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Screen Capture and Podcasts (Thing 18, CPD23)

I enjoyed learning about ways to capture screen shots and other things on video for Thing 18 on the CPD23 blog. I can imaging using this for training later. I’m glad to see there’s a free online screen record, Screencast-O-Matic. … Continue reading

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