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Great News!

I learned a little while ago that my library school classmate, Emily, has been located, and she’s alive! Whew! Yay! I don’t know any details, and they’re none of my business, really. I’m just glad she’s okay! Back to my … Continue reading

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Where Could She Be?

I got a Facebook message from one of my high school roommates this morning! My initial delight turned into sadness, as she shared that her niece, Emily, who started library school at NCCU with me last fall, is missing! She … Continue reading

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One Down, One to Go

In my “Uses and Users of Information” class, everyone has to take a couple of turns at presenting one of our assigned readings to the class. I did my first presentation of the semester last night, and am relieved it’s … Continue reading

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Time Among Librarians and Library School Classmates

For two nights in a row, I’ve had the pleasure and fun of being among classmates and librarians. Last night was our first ALA Student Chapter meeting of the year, and tonight I joined the NCLA group for a Happy … Continue reading

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Time Management in the New Semester

I’ve had a challenging time juggling the demands of work, school, and life this fall semester. Then serendipitously, late last week I noticed the Facebook status update of a librarian at another university than mentioned something called the Pomodoro Technique.  … Continue reading

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A Hard Day’s Night

Today was my long day of the week, a full day of work, followed by class, “Uses and Users of Information.” It’s the heaviest homework class I’ve had so far, but the readings are getting more interesting, and class discussions … Continue reading

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